Sales and Reporting

Track your sales with reports and tools from Apple Books.

If you sell directly on Apple Books, you can monitor the performance of your titles with daily sales reports and experiment with pricing. Because you can adjust the price of your book in any market, at any time, you can test how various price points affect sales. The prices of comparable titles on top charts can be a good guide.

Your book. Your price.

If you are the rights holder of your book, you determine the customer price. You’ll earn 70% royalties on all of your ebook titles, regardless of price point, with no hidden fees or exclusivity requirements. Payments are made within 45 days following the end of each month.

Tracking Affiliate Sales

If you are in our Affiliate Program, you will earn a commission anytime you share an affiliated link with your fans and they go on to purchase your book, any other book, or other qualifying media. Find out more about the Affiliate Program.