Inspiring words from those who write them best.

Writing is a process, and every process has room for improvement. Get advice about each step from people who have made a career out of it.

From idea to first draft.

Start writing with tips to help you go from blank page to complete manuscript. Featuring best-selling author Dani Shapiro.

Structuring your narrative.

Plan and build the shape of your story. Featuring award-winning children’s author Maggie Tokuda-Hall.

Building characters.

Get to know your characters, and discover tools to help you bring them to life. Featuring best-selling author Walter Mosley.

Developing a plot.

Capture your readers using methods for creating a compelling, high-stakes story. Featuring best-selling author Noah Lukeman.

Popular apps to help you write your first — or next — book.

How you develop your story varies from writer to writer. And finding the right tools can make a difference. Here are some valuable resources that can help you find your voice.


Create, edit, and collaborate with others to create a stunning book.


Jot down thoughts about your story as they come to you with Notes.

Microsoft Word

Write in Word and then prepare to publish on Apple Books.


Typewriter. Ring binder. Scrapbook.

Voice Memos

Turn your iPhone into a portable audio recorder to quickly capture ideas.


Simplify and focus your writing process.