Explore articles, tutorials, and videos that will help you learn the basics, understand your sales, and promote your book.


Create an iTunes Connect account

To get your books on Apple Books, start by creating an iTunes Connect account.


Learn to publish your book from the web

Use our publishing portal to get your book on Apple Books, make changes to a submitted book, or set up a pre-order.


Use Pages to publish on Apple Books

Publish your book directly from Pages to Apple Books on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or online with iCloud.


Prepare your Word document for Apple Books

If you wrote your book in Microsoft Word, learn how to publish it to Apple Books.


From idea to first draft

Best-selling authors share insights about how they approach the writing process from concept to draft to published on Apple Books.


Structuring your narrative

Discover strategies to outline your story and structure the narrative for both fiction and nonfiction works.


Building characters

Learn how to write and evolve dynamic characters that capture your readers’ attention.


Developing a plot

A good plot keeps your readers engaged and entertained. Best-selling authors share their insights on how they develop plots for their content on Apple Books.


Planning your book launch

See tips from best-selling authors on how to build book sales momentum with pre-orders, samples, and early reviews.


How to use promo codes to build buzz

Learn how to access promo codes for your books and find best practices on how to use them to generate buzz.


How to use Apple’s Affiliate program for books and audiobooks

Join the Apple Affiliate program to earn revenue when a purchase is made from a link you share on social media, your website, newsletters, and more.


Use social media to promote your book

Social media is a great way to connect and talk with readers. See tips on how to build a successful social media strategy to grow your audience and sales.


Get your book ready to publish with Pages

Pages is Apple’s word processor that lets you write, design, and publish stunning books, whether you’re on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or using a PC.


Designing a great digital book cover

See tips and best practices for designing a digital book cover that draws your audience in and makes a splash.


Writing your book with Pages

You can use Pages to write, edit, and collaborate with others to create your next Apple Books publication. Pages is available on Mac and on the web.


Designing great book layouts and interiors

See tips on how to choose the right text layout, typography, image quality, and navigation links to provide a memorable reading experience.


Become an expert in your genre

Explore your genre and become an expert in it before you begin writing and publishing your work to give your Apple Books audience a great experience.


Craft a great product page for Apple Books

See tips on how to set up an effective Apple Books product page with a book cover, book description, metadata, reviews, and pre-orders for your next book.


How to get started with Apple Books digital narration

Find out how to get started with Apple Books digital narration to create a high-quality audiobook version of your ebook.


Digital narration for audiobooks

Combining sophisticated speech synthesis technology with a talented team of linguists, quality control specialists, and audio engineers, Apple Books is producing high-quality, digitally narrated audiobooks.

iTunes Connect Resources and Help

Learn how iTunes Connect can help you manage your book distribution.

Book rights and pricing

Update the price of your book, set up promotional pricing, and manage the countries and regions where your book is available.

Sales and Trends

See where your book is selling — and where your fan base is growing — with daily sales reports.

Manage your book in iTunes Connect.

Check the status of your books, update metadata, change prices, and request catalog reports — all from a single portal.

How to set up a series.

Link books in a series so readers can easily find, pre-order, and purchase your next book.

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