How to use promo codes to build buzz

All publishers — including independent authors — receive access to 250 free, digital promo codes for every ebook they distribute on Apple Books. These are free copies available for promotional use, publicity, or testing purposes. Once you distribute a promo code, the recipient can quickly and easily redeem it on Apple Books for a free copy of your book. Getting your promo codes out to supportive readers is one of the best ways to build buzz for upcoming books still in the pre-order phase, as well as books that are already available for sale on Apple Books. 

Use a targeted approach 

Get to know the press and bloggers who are interested in your genre and keep a list so you can stay organized as you reach out to promote your book. After you deliver your final book file to Apple Books, start sending out your promo codes so reviewers and influencers can read the book prior to your publication date. 

When you send out a promo code, include the simple promo code redemption instructions along with some informative presentation materials for your ebook — such as the book’s cover, a short description, plus reader and reviewer praise from any previous releases. Do your best to engage with the recipient before you send the code so they’re excited to receive it. Follow up after you’ve sent it so they’re aware of how to put the code to use. Encourage your code recipients to leave a rating and review on Apple Books before the book comes out so that they appear to customers immediately.

How to access your promo codes 

If you distribute your book directly to Apple Books through your own seller account, you can access your promo codes directly from iTunes Connect. Make sure you’ve accepted the latest terms in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. You can request up to 250 promo codes per ebook, and the codes are valid for four weeks from the date you requested them.

To download your promo codes, follow these five easy steps: 

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.
  2. Go to My Books and select your book to promote. 
  3. Choose the Promo Codes button. Then enter the number of codes you would like to generate. 
  4. Select Continue. After reading the contract, agree to the terms. 
  5. Download your promo codes. 

If you sell your ebook on Apple Books through a publisher or aggregator, contact them directly for access to promo codes. Please note that promo codes are currently limited to ebooks.


Only users with the Admin, Legal, or Sales roles can request promo codes. And the promo codes button will only display for books with a status of On Store or Ready for Store in at least one territory. 

Keep in mind, promo codes expire four weeks after they’re requested and can be redeemed only in territories where the ebook is available for sale. Visit Resources and Help to learn more about how to request, distribute, and redeem promo codes.