Learn to publish your book from the web

Use our publishing portal to upload a new book, update a book you’ve already submitted, or set up a pre-order for a book that you’re not ready to publish yet. All you need is an iTunes Connect account for Apple Books. If you don’t have one, sign up for an account or learn more.

Prepare your book

Before submitting your book to Apple Books, make sure it adheres to the Apple Books Formatting Guidelines.

Additionally, validate the EPUB to ensure that it complies with the EPUB formatting standards. All books submitted to Apple Books must pass the latest version of EPUBCheck. 

Publish your book 

Use our publishing portal to get your book onto Apple Books. Provide the EPUB file, cover image, sample, and description you’d like to appear on Apple Books.

1. Upload your book.

In the publishing portal, click Submit a New Book. Then click Continue to provide your EPUB file, cover art, and a sample. The portal validates the files to ensure they are ready for Apple Books. You can continue adding information about your book while your files are validating. 

2. Add a title and description.

Enter the book title, author name, and a detailed description of your book to display on Apple Books. Complete other fields if they’re relevant.

3. Set category, language, and other info.

Choose the appropriate subject category and language. To help readers find your book, choose the category that best describes it. You can add additional categories as needed.

Choose an Interest Age. Consider the book’s general target audience. Interest Age is required for books intended for children and teenagers.

If your book contains explicit content, be sure to note that as well. 

4. Enter publishing details.

Enter the publisher name or, if you’re self-publishing, enter your first and last name.

If your book was first published on another platform, enter its original publication date. If your book has never been published, this field will automatically display the Apple Books release date for your book.

When you’re ready, upload your book to iTunes Connect. 

Set pricing and clearances in iTunes Connect 

After your book imports, use iTunes Connect to set a price for your book and choose where you want the book to be available for purchase. Your book will not be available for purchase until you add this information.

  1. In iTunes Connect, select your book. Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your book to appear in iTunes Connect.
  2. Click Rights and Pricing.
  3. Add or edit countries, regions, and pricing.
  4. Select one or more countries and regions, and click Save.

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