Create an iTunes Connect account

Sign up for free and get your books in front of millions of customers. 

Here’s what you need:

  • An Apple ID
  • Digital rights to your books
  • Authorization to sign documents on behalf of yourself or your company 

1. Sign up for iTunes Connect.

Use your existing Apple ID or create a new Apple ID. Then use your Apple ID to sign up for iTunes Connect.

2. Choose your publisher type.

Even if you’re an independent author, you’re a publisher. When you see the choice of Publisher Type, choose Individual if you’re representing yourself or if you’re a sole proprietor, and choose Organization if you’re registered as a company or some other type of organization.

You must use your legal entity name during sign-up. You can update to a Doing Business As (DBA) name after your account is approved.

3. Check your email. 

We’ll email you a link to verify the email address you entered during sign-up. Check your email, click the link, and sign in to iTunes Connect.

4. Complete your agreement.

In iTunes Connect, go to the Business module. Select “View and Agree to Terms.” You’ll need to decide if you want to sell books or offer them to readers for free. If you’re offering books for free, read and accept the terms and conditions — then you’re ready to go. 

If you want to add the option to sell your books, you’ll need to provide additional details. We’ll need a few days to verify your information with the IRS, so be sure to enter your name and tax information as they appear on your tax records.

You’ll receive an email when we’re ready to proceed or if we discover any issues.

5. Provide tax and banking information.

If you’re planning to sell your books, you’ll need to set up banking and tax information in the Business module.

Then, you’re done. Find the tools you’ll need to create and submit your books to Apple.