Writing your book with Pages

Pages is Apple’s free, powerful word processor that lets you write, edit, and collaborate with others to create stunning books.

Pages is not only simple to use, but it’s full of helpful features for writers. You can use Pages to create any kind of book, from a traditional novel to a dynamic digital book with interactive graphics, bespoke font treatments, and much more. Pages can help you manage and develop your entire writing process: plan out your storyline on the go with Pages on your iPhone, edit on your Mac without compromising your original draft with Track Changes and Smart Annotations, and format your story to look beautiful and professional using Pages templates and text styles. Pages makes it easy to write and polish your draft into a beautiful, engaging book that readers will love.

Start using Pages for Mac

Start using Pages on the web 

Use Pages on iPhone to write whenever inspiration strikes

Inspiration can strike when your computer isn’t on hand, but don’t let that stop you from getting your ideas down. Use Pages on iPhone and never let an idea slip between your fingers. Jot down thoughts, edit a section, or even write your whole book from start to finish directly from your iPhone. Pages uses iCloud Drive to sync documents across all your devices, so when you’re ready to sit down at your computer, you haven’t lost a word and can pick up your story right where you left off. Conveniently, iCloud Drive automatically saves your work periodically so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Use Comments to brainstorm

Writing is an organic process. It doesn’t always start at the beginning and proceed forward neatly. When you’re beginning to collect your thoughts, don’t get stuck on perfecting a paragraph or finding the perfect word — that will just slow down your creative process. Use the Comments feature in Pages to brainstorm ideas, think through sections of your book that you might not be ready to write, note questions you may want to answer later, or just highlight sentences you want to remember to complete another time. Comments can help unblock you on tough parts so you can keep writing without losing a thought, or losing momentum.

Use Collaboration to share your process with others

Even the best authors can use an editor. Getting feedback from a trusted reader on your draft helps you refine and craft your best story. A reader’s feedback can consist of line-by-line editing or more general suggestions about characters or plot. Use Collaboration for Pages to easily share with others and collect their feedback all within your single document. Use Pages password-protection features to keep your book safe and control who’s able to see it.

Use Track Changes or annotate with Apple Pencil

Every great book is polished through the same process: edit, rewrite, repeat. Use Track Changes to edit without overwriting your original text and track who made a change when collaborating. Use Apple Pencil on iPad to make annotations directly in your document for easy editing later.

Use text styles and panel navigation to add structure and organize your story

Great books are polished with strong text hierarchy and organized page structures. Use text styles to add chapter headers or page breaks, or to bring emphasis to specific text. Use Pages thumbnails and table of contents views to easily navigate your book.

Use Pages free book templates

Start by choosing a template that works for your book genre. The templates include layout, placeholder text, and even images to give you an idea what your book could look like. After you’ve picked a template you can add text, photos, image galleries, videos, audio, shapes, tables, charts, and more to your book.