Prepare your Word document for Apple Books

If you wrote your book in Microsoft Word, you can publish to Apple Books by: 

  • Importing your Word document to Pages and publishing directly to Apple Books
  • Converting your Word document to an EPUB file and uploading it using our publishing portal
  • Working with a partner to convert your book to an EPUB file and deliver to Apple Books on your behalf

Use Pages to upload and publish your book

You can upload your Microsoft Word document to Pages for iCloud, and then publish directly to Apple Books. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
  2. Select Pages and navigate to the browse view.
  3. Click the Upload button in the toolbar, select your book file, then click Choose or Open. Or, you can drag your book file from your computer to the document manager.
  4. Open your document in Pages to make sure everything looks good. Pages supports many popular Microsoft Word features; learn more about document compatibility with Microsoft Word.
  5. Publish your book on Apple Books.

Work with a partner to convert your book to an EPUB file

Apple works with several market-leading partners who can help you convert and deliver books on your behalf. Review their offerings and decide which partner works best for you.