How to Use Apple’s Affiliate Program for Books and Audiobooks

Earn extra money on the books and audiobooks you promote.

Always provide a direct link to your book’s product page on Apple Books when you mention it in your social media posts, on your website, in your email newsletters, or in any other kind of marketing communication. This makes it easy for readers to find and purchase your book. If you join the Apple Affiliate program, you’ll earn extra revenue each time a purchase is made from a link you share — this revenue is in addition to your royalty payment for the sale of your book. It’s a simple way for you to maximize your income on Apple Books.

How does it work?

After registering with the Apple Affiliate program, we will give you a unique affiliate token. This is a short string of alphanumeric characters, like an ID number, that you will add to all of your Apple Books links. This token is unique to you and tracks all books revenue generated from those links. When one of your readers clicks on these links, you receive affiliate commission on all book purchases the reader makes on Apple Books within the next 24 hours.

Join the program

It’s easy to join. Simply fill out an application and it will be reviewed by the Apple Affiliate team. Once you’re approved, we will help you get started with helpful information and additional affiliate resources we offer to authors.

Make the Apple Affiliate program a habit

Why send a link out into the world without taking advantage of potential additional revenue? Once you become a partner in our program, get familiar with your affiliate token and how to encode (or “affiliate”) every link you create, so you can do it quickly and make it part of your everyday routine. Learn more about how to set this up properly here on our Resources Site.


Use free affiliate marketing tools

Affiliates can access a wide variety of marketing assets for easy linking and earning commissions on books or audiobooks through the Apple Books Marketing Toolbox. These are available in 26 languages and in all 51 countries where Apple Books is available. The Marketing Toolbox helps you create links with an Apple Books badge, a logo lock-up, an app icon, as a playable Audiobook preview widget, or as plain text.

  • Audiobook Preview Widgets: Whether you are featuring your own books on your website or blogging about other authors’ audiobooks you love, use our Audiobook Preview Widgets to easily provide your readers — and listeners — with a convenient free sample of the audiobook that gets them interested in purchasing. Audiobook Preview Widgets are quick and easy to create.

  • Apple Books Identity Guidelines: Make sure your usage of Apple Books marketing assets is in alignment with Apple branding for the program by referring to our Apple Books Identity Guidelines.


If you have any further questions on the program or how to join, please contact our help desk.